The meeting will begin at 7pm on Wednesday 9.09.2015 and will go on until Friday 11.09.2015 around noon.

For those wishing to enjoy Graz a bit longer, we will also organize on the Friday afternoon a walk in the countryside and, in the evening, a meeting with the researchers from the Psychology department of the University of Graz. If you want to arrive earlier or stay a few days longer in Graz, you have the possibility to stay at St Martin Castle (45€/pers. for a single room; 35€/pers. for a double room).

There are multiple options to travel to Graz. Please note that there is, however, no bus stop in the immediate vicinity of the castle. Given that the castle is located on top of a hill, we therefore recommend you to come from the central station or airport either by car or taxi. Depending on the needs, we may also organize shuttles from Graz airport and central station.